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Wednesday, 03 August 2011 10:38

The Worst Kind of Client Featured

The Worst Kind of ClientHowdy, visitor! We've been drinking cold Mojitos on Miami Beach for over a month now, but it's time to come back and get some work done :) While surfing trough our social circles, we've spotted this cool article on Active Rain (FHI Florida on Active Rain). Enjoy the reading!


The Worst Kind of Client - A Parable

Your client is in deep trouble.

He's been living way beyond his means for a long, long time. He has a mountain of debt, maybe more than he could pay off in his whole lifetime. True, he has some nice things to show for it, but much of the money was spent on frivolous or wasteful items that never provided any real benefit - maybe they seemed like a good idea at the time, but now they just look dumb.

His income is down because his industry isn't competitive anymore - they were lazy and complacent and have lost their market position. They were slow to read market trends, because they thought they were the ones setting the trends, and they missed a lot of opportunities. Their focus continues to be on executive compensation packages and stockholder benefits - they could care less about the backbone of the business: their employees (who, by the way, have a union, but it isn't a very good one - their leaders are also more concerned about executive compensation and personal power than the people they represent.)

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The truth in this quite ironically written piece is amazing! And same goes to your house or home - if you don't support it (inspecting, cleaning, repairing, etc.) it will fall down very quickly and painfully. You can always count on our affordable home inspection services in:

Sincerely yours, FHI Florida Team

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